Family events & educational programs at Jefferson Patterson Park

Who Are the “Friends”?

The Friends of JPPM believes that educating our community about our local history, heritage and environment will provide a framework from which they can better understand the world and create a better future.
State and local taxes provide up to 73% of funding for JPPM. The remaining 27%, including Friends’ member contributions and dues, allow them to offer programs and events that make a difference in the lives of local children and adults.

Get to Know Our Board

Bonnie Barrett - President

Vandy Young - Vice President

Bill Brier - Treasurer

Delores Hill Brown - Secretary

Autumn Phillips - Director

Delores Brown - Director

Bill Brier - Director

Daniel Curry - Director

Ella Ennis - Director

Celeste Furey - Director

Marianne Harms - Director

Don Hooker - Director

Jerry McCullum - Director

Carlita McIlwain - Director

Mike Milbradt - Director

Vandy Young - Director